Thursday, October 30, 2008

Teaser: Flash Lite GPS with Touch UI on Windows Mobile

Here is what my team at Teleca and I have been working on a Flash Lite GPS app tapping into Google maps. This allows the user to save their current location (in case you are at a restaurant you like but do not have the address), also view local theaters, hotels, etc. Someone from Teleca will be demoing this @ Adobe Max.

This could essentially work on any platform that supports flash lite and has GPS. There is back end work involved in accessing GPS coordinates this currently works on Windows Mobile. We have it running on a AT&T Tilt and Moto Q9.

Eventually I want to add more features (Messaging, Jogging, Turn-by-Turn) plenty of possibilities.


Anonymous said...

Ciao Kirk,

looks great!

Anonymous said...

It's Look very nice.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting application!

treevivek said...

gr8 :)

Anonymous said...

I meant to see this at MAX, but was otherwise tied. :(